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Licensing World Russia


Attention! You are viewing an archive of the event. Click this link to navigate to Licensing World Russia 2017


General Licensing Manager of Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products company 

"This year, the Licensing Division of Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) - Nickelodeon Viacom Consumer Products - once again became the General partner of the Licensing World Russia exhibition. We supported the exhibition, which was held in this format for the first time, because we believe that LWR will become a significant event in the annual calendar of the Russian licensing industry. The exhibition was really interesting and helpful and allowed us to meet with partners, as well as to demonstrate all of the key brands, including Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora the Explorer, Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Business program consisted of very interesting sessions, especially I would like to note the “Licensing University. Industry ABC”, in which VIMN participated. Russian companies have the opportunity to learn about the basics of the licensing business, as well as its features, thanks to this project. We expect the LWR 2015 will be more bigger scale and new topics, such as promotional licensing, DTR transaction will be discussed within business program frameworks and we definitely plan to participate in it"


 Iliya POPOV 
The President of RAFA, General Producer of “RIKI” production center

I would outline the Licensing World Russia as transition from the old to the new format, higher quality and more specialized, and I think that all the expectations of the participants and the organizers, was justified. We, from our side, have made and will continue to exert all efforts to achieve this goal”


Dmitriy LOVEIKO 
General Director of “Animaccord” animation studio (“Masha and the Bear”) 

"I would like to highlight the Licensing World Russia business program - a lot of interesting speakers, unusual themes. Those, who visited the business program, indeed, acquired a lot of new knowledge"


CEO of the RAFA (Russian Animation Films Association) 

"Our Association consists of almost 30 animation studios and at the Licensing World Russia exhibition we presented 9 of them, and for us the stand was even close - there were always a huge visitors number. This fact allows us to think, that characters of companies, represented at RAFA stand, are in demand. We have only one wish for exhibition to expand, to occupy the whole hall. I'm just sure, that great success awaits this wonderful exhibition - it's just the beginning, the first tentative steps, and the result of this experiment is successful on all one hundred percent!"


Creative Producer of the "Alisa knows, what to do!" 

"We are incredibly pleased with the Licensing World Russia, and, frankly, did not expect such a result. We had a very large flow of interested companies, who came to our booth. All three days we did not sit idly"


Representative of the Moroz Records company 

"Our company, which is already 23 years old, is well known in the Record business, but participation in the Licensing World Russia for us is trial, the real debut. And we liked it! We will definitely participate next year and are going to grant to the LWR project organizers our licensing group "Victor", which performs songs of Viktor TSOI and was licensed as a cover-band. I hope, that we will delight all next year LWR visitors with live songs of the legendary Viktor TSOI, very famous and popular Russian celebrity, in the 25 year anniversary of his death"


Ruslan BOTEZ 
Marketing Director of Cross Way company 

“Despite the fact, that I managed to visit the exhibition only during one day, I would like to note, that the Licensing World Russia exhibition is surely on the right path. I think that it's time to invite retailers & manufacturers for participation in it”



Chief Editor of the Vestnik of the Licensing Market 

“I was inspired by the courageous decision of the organizers: to separate finally from the toys and children goods exhibition, because Russian licensing industry develops, it is necessary to deviate from the old foundations. I am very glad, that there are not random people at the exhibition now, idly walking onlookers. All visitors came solely on the fact that all of them have a goal. This is very important, because the exhibition is moving forward. We wish Licensing World Russia to successfully develop further and we will do our best to support it”


President of the Association of the Children's Goods enterprises Industry (ACGI)

“Russian Licensing Forum 2014" showed the unity of the licensing market and focus on development. We see here a great potential. The Russian market will develop actively: a foreign companies open here licensing schools and transfer their know-how, set international standards; foreign experts availably describe what steps you go through to become a brand"


President of the Russian Animation Films Association 
General producer of the RICKI group of companies

“I think that all the expectations of the participants and organizers of Licensing World Russia were justified. We, from our side, have made and will continue to exert all efforts to achieve this goal”.

"The exhibition has grown significantly, positive changes seen. This is a good application for this exhibition to become the main event in the licensing industry not only in Russia, but also for foreign companies, which want to enter the Russian market"


Managing Director JELC (Brand Extension Russia)

"I am pleasantly surprised how has grown exhibition and how professionally it is organized this year. The exhibition helps us to develop business in Russia"

Манаф Хассан 150_150.png

Head of Licensing, PLAYCOM

"We are satisfied with the exhibition. I'm glad that so many people have gathered, which understand what is licensing. For us participation in the exhibition was very productive!" 


General Director of Playcom LLC

Though unnoticed for many people over the last years, exhibitions and fairs have obtained more pragmatic and highly specialize features and are loosing their traditional propaganda tinge, they are increasingly acquiring the quality of the international consulting centers. That’s why when we heard about specialized international licensing industry exhibition is going to be held in Moscow, we considered it obligatory for our company to be among its participants. Participation of PLAYCOM company at the Russian Licensing Forum is a great opportunity to be in the center of business activity. We very effectively use this business venue for meetings, discussions and planning for the coming year with players of the international licenses market.

We are grateful to the organizers for giving the opportunity to actively work not only at the exposition, but also organized an extensive accompanying program, participation in a number of sessions of which we managed to take. At the Russian License Forum exhibition PLAYCOM company managed to establish contacts with a number of potential clients representing different areas of licensing, which quickly became our existing licensees.

Professionals of different industries often say: «Who doesn’t take part at the specialized exhibition - that is not on market». PLAYCOM company confirmed its participation in the Russian Licensing Forum 2014 one of the first and we hope that participation in the upcoming exhibition will be no less successful for us.


Head of the Licensing projects FC “Zenit” 

Football club «Zenit» is proud of being the first exhibitor of the Russian Licensing Forum, representing the licensing in sport branch and is currently one of the most successful sports licensed brands on the Russian market. The development of the licensing business, as the most promising and high margin, is a priority for FC «Zenit».

During our first participation at the specialized exhibition & conference Russian Licensing Forum, dedicated to the market of licenses in Russia and the CIS, in March 2013, our club has managed not only to get acquainted with the current status of the industry and objectively assess consumer trends and licensing business possibilities of our club, but also in the «live» conversation obtain current market information and to communicate fruitfully with the participants of the licensing market of Russia and other countries of the world.

In the frameworks of the forum we also managed to reach a number of agreements with potential licensees.

The organizers of the event managed to successfully unite the players licensing market. Participation in the forum in 2013 was so successful for FC «Zenit», that we did not hesitate while taking the decision to become the «Russian Licensed Forum 2014» exhibitor.

FC «Zenit» works with potential licensees for a variety of product categories (stationery, printing, toys, souvenirs, household goods, food products, equipment / accessories, computer games and applications, leather goods / bags, goods for children, beauty / health, active lifestyle and the countryside rest).

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