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Licensing World Russia

Marketing company

On the growing competition background for the consumers & press attention, personal customer support and attractive location of your products become the crucial factors.


We offer you the following complex of marketing services to enable you to be in the epicenter focus of the target group.

galchonok.png Presentation at the Center of licensing products and services “Licensing Guide” 
galchonok.png Advertisement placement at the exhibition 
galchonok.png Information about company and advertisement at the official exhibition catalogue 
galchonok.png Special offer (Screening Suite)

We also offer you our special services, which will become an auxiliary tool for your visitors invitation to the exhibition: 

galchonok.png Free of charge Invitation ticket 
galchonok.png Form of the invitation letter

Centre of the licensing products and services “Licensing Guide” is the exhibition resource for the presentation and promotion of both characters, images, brands, offered for rent, as well as various kinds of finished products, successfully produced by Licensees! Participation at the Centre of Licensing products and services will highlight your novelties fr om the mass of other products and will provide with the attention of target groups of exhibition visitors and will attract the press.

Advertisement placement at the exhibition
Placement of the advertising banner of your company before the entrance to the exhibition hall or in the Registration area will attract visitors “first” attention. It will not only strengthen your company’s image, but also highlight its stable position at the market.

Active promotions and distribution of your promotional materials inside and outside the exhibition hall will provide your stand with the targeted visitors.

Information about the company and advertisement in the exhibition catalogue
Exhibition detailed information and exhibitors companies information are published in the Official catalogue. The catalogue is distributed free of charge to key buyers, representatives of the relevant Federal and Regional government bodies, representatives of trade press.

Catalogue sales to all interested visitors is executed at the cash departments of the Crocus Expo during exhibition period.

Advertising in the Official catalogue is the best way to promote your company during the exhibition, which works for your success during all running year.

Screening Suite is a great opportunity to demonstrate how as teasers as well as clips for the film and television broadcasts, which will be launched in the near future, or to held an individual presentation of your company (opened or closed).

Free of charge invitation ticker
You can request a free invitation tickets for your customers and all those with whom you would like to meet at the exhibition. The quantity of invitation cards is not lim ited. 

Invitation letter for the visitors
This letter will help you to invite visitors to your stand. You need just download the letter and enter the details of the invited person. Letter will be ready for distribution as an e-mail, as mailing post letter to your customers along with the invitation tickets.

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12 августа, 2022

7 сентября 2022 года в Москве состоится 7-й Лицензионный Саммит – ежегодная встреча специалистов в сфере лицензирования брендов. Подробнее

11 июля, 2022

12 июля в 14:00 на Licensing in Russia TV состоится рабочая встреча с экспертами лицензионной отрасли в области fashion. Подробнее

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