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«The Russian licensing market is rather young, but a fairly
promising market. I believe that with such tempos of growth
and development, Russian brands have excellent chances of
winning the world as Masha and the Bear themed products
have already done.»
REBECCA ASH, Total Licensing, Editorial Director

«Market players understand that licensing is a good
opportunity to get new audiences. Russian brands become
global. Famous world brands of food and beverages actively
cooperate with licenses, and they also consider the Russian
market and see the potential in it.»
IVAN COLECCHIA, CEO, Kidz Global Europe

«At the exhibition and the business program there were key
groups representatives of the market: content producers, toys
manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The general tone of the
event can be formulated as a constructive dialogue. From the
position of market experts we can say that the success of the
event, its scale and diversity refl ects development and fl exibility
of the Russian licensing market, as well as its prospects.»

«Museums are actively involved in the licensing process. Our
participation in the business program of the exhibition is
due to the fact that we want to share with colleagues how
to license museum works, we want to fi nd potential partners
who are willing to work with us. Of course, the museum wants
to popularize its collections and earn on this.»
ANNA DVORNIKOVA, Head of the Legal Department,
the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

«Representation and size of stands at the exhibition testify
that the Russian licensing market is in a positive dynamic.
Licensing World Russia is a very eff ective platform for us
as the largest licensing agency in Russia. In addition to
the business component, the most important is the image
component. Our foreign rights holders have always wait and
know that we will be here.»

«It is very important to participate in the largest event of
the Russian licensing industry. I am confi dent that after
it we will have fi rst licensees and next year we will show
licensed products. Licensing World Russia is a great tool
where you meet potential licensees, you see the interest
of new players from various segments of the consumer
OLGA KRITSKAYA, Head of the Licensing Department,

«We participate in Licensing World Russia not for the fi rst
year and it is very important that the number of foreign
companies increased, which makes it possible directly hold
meetings and discuss the interaction.»
DIANA YURINOVA, Deputy General Producer,
the RIKI Group

«This is our 4th exhibition and a unique opportunity to meet
with main players of the market, show new developments
and marketing opportunities, as in April we will run the new
licensing program. In Russia there are a huge number of
local brands, which seriously compete with foreign images.»

«Licensing World Russia is the main event of the licensing
industry. It is very important that the exhibition coexists
with Kids Russia, you need only 2 steps to meet with those
companies-licensees with whom we work. The situation in
the sales market is improving, this we see by the feedback
from our licensees.»
MARINA SEMENIKHINA, Licensing Director, CLS-media

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27 декабря, 2022

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